Voyager Residential

A) Voyager Residential

Voyager Residential is the ideal high traction, low odour, impact and sound absorbing fitness tile for those seeking high quality flooring in their personal fitness room. This easy to install and environmentally friendly flooring is highly durable and non-absorbent, perfect for home installation. Perfect for home exercise rooms, home gyms and rec rooms.
Available in a retail 8-pack for the 22 in x 22 in x 7mm interlocking tiles or skid lots of 24 in x 24 in x 6mm interlocking tiles. 5-year warranty.

Individual Sizes Availables
7mm x 22 in x 22 in (interlock)
 7mm x 46 in x 69 in (interlock)
7mm x 48 in x 72 in
6mm x 24 in x 24 in (interlock)
6mm x 46 in x 69 in (interlock)
6mm x 48 in x 72 in
Custom sizes available