Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial entrance mat is available in many styles, colours and construction materials for a multitude of uses and can suit any decor. Many of our mats are also customizable and we can inlay corporate logos to enhance branding.

A) Entrance Systems :

Effective for primary points of entry, these systems include a mat or series of mats that are customized for each entrance.

B) Heavy Traffic Mats:

Highly durable, these mats are aggressive at removing debris. Designed for high traffic entryways that see between 400,000 – 1 million users per year, these matting solutions are recommended for hospitals, shopping, centres, grocery stores, large schools and office towers.

C) Medium Traffic Mats:

Excellent at removing dirt from shoes, these mats are designed for entryways that see between 100,000 – 400, 000 users per year. These matting solutions are recommended for rural hospitals, health clinics, boutique shopping centres, hotels and small office buildings.

D) Light Traffic Mats:

Light traffic matting is ideal for small offices, warehouses and retail locations as well as light-use entrances in large facilities.

For 100,000 or less users per year, these mats are less agressive and less durable than matting solutions designed for heavier traffic.

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